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The Astonish Range of Cleaning Pastes from
S&J Polythene & Paper

The comprehensive range of cleaning pastes from Astonish have been formulated to cope with a multitude of difficult to clean situations and have been awarded several awards for their performance. These Astonish Cleaning Pastes and many other Astonish products are available from S&J Polythene & Paper who are official distributors and suppliers of Astonish products. The S&J product range covers your business requirements for polythene, toilet rolls, greaseproof paper and kitchen towels across the retail, wholesale and janitorial market sectors. For more information about the Astonish cleaning pastes and many other Astonish products, ready for delivery from stock, please contact S&J Polythene & Paper by e mail or call on 01756 796300 where the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to offer all the help and advice you need. To visit the main site of S&J Polythene & Paper please click here